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Once and Forever: The Sun Rises (2023) Chinese Drama Episodes 1-15 Added – KDramas Hindi

“Once and Forever: The Sun Rises” is a Chinese drama that aired in 2023. The drama tells the story of three different families living a harmonious life in a traditional Beijing house. The main cast includes Zhang Zi Mu as Xie Qiao, Zhang Kaitai as Qin Chuan, and Guo Zifan as He Xiaozhou. The drama explores themes of family, friendship, and growth and consists of 25 episodes that aired from February 27, 2023, to March 15, 2023, on iQIYI and Tencent Video in China. Overall, “Once and Forever: The Sun Rises” is a heartwarming drama that showcases the joys and challenges of family and friendship in a traditional Beijing setting.

Actors in Once and Forever: The Sun Rises

Here is a list of the main cast of “Once and Forever: The Sun Rises”:

  • Zhang Zimu as Xie Qiao
  • Guan Xiaotong as Xie Qiao (older)
  • Zhang Kaitai as Qin Chuan (voiced by Yang Tian Xiang)
  • Guo Zifan as He Xiaozhou
  • Li Qi Ge as Xin Yuan
  • Wu Ji Feng as Sun Tai
  • Hai Yi Tian as Cai Jian Jun
  • Wang Xiao Mu as Xie Feng He
  • Zhao Zi Qi as Qiao Li
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Drama NameOnce and Forever: The Sun Rises
LanguageUrdu Hindi Dubbed
ByKDramas Hindi

Once and Forever: The Sun Rises (China Drama) Urdu Hindi Dubbed – KDramas Hindi

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