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Radiant is a fantasy anime series based on the French comic book series of the same name by Tony Valente. It follows the adventures of Seth, a young sorcerer who dreams of becoming a great hunter of Némésis, mysterious creatures that fall from the sky and threaten the world. Along with his friends Melie and Doc, he travels across the land in search of the legendary Radiant, the source of all Némésis.

Radiant is notable for being the first French comic book series to be adapted into an anime, and for being one of the few non-Japanese works to be serialized in a Japanese manga magazine. The anime adaptation was produced by Lerche, a studio known for works such as Assassination Classroom, Danganronpa, and Monster Musume. The first season of Radiant aired from October 6, 2018 to February 23, 2019, and covered the first four volumes of the comic book series.


Seth is a young boy who lives in Pompo Hills, a small village on an island. He is an infected, a person who has survived an encounter with a Némésis and gained magical powers as a result. He is also a sorcerer, a person who can manipulate Fantasia, the energy that flows through all living things. Seth wants to become a hunter of Némésis, like his mentor Alma, who raised him after he lost his parents. He believes that by finding and destroying the Radiant, he can free the world from the threat of Némésis and prove that sorcerers are not evil.

One day, Seth decides to leave Pompo Hills and embark on his quest. He meets Doc, a self-proclaimed researcher who travels in a flying house called the Artemis Institute. Doc offers to take Seth to Artemis Academy, a place where sorcerers can learn and train. There, Seth meets Melie, a cheerful and kind-hearted sorceress who suffers from a split personality disorder. She becomes Seth’s first friend and ally.

Together, Seth, Melie, and Doc face various challenges and enemies, such as the Inquisition, an organization that hunts down sorcerers; Konrad de Marbourg, a ruthless hunter of Némésis; and Grimm, a mysterious masked sorcerer who seems to know something about Seth’s past. They also encounter other sorcerers with different goals and motivations, such as Dragunov, a loyal agent of the Inquisition; Mélie’s childhood friend Ocoho; and Yaga, a powerful master who agrees to teach Seth.

As Seth progresses on his journey, he learns more about the world of Radiant, the origin of Némésis, and the secrets of his own infection. He also discovers that his actions have consequences, both good and bad, and that he must face them with courage and responsibility.

Series Info

  • Name: Radiant
  • Episodes: 21
  • Quality: HD
  • Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy
  • Studio: Lerche
  • Director: Seiji Kishi and Daisei Fukuoka
  • Writer: Makoto Uezu
  • Music: Masato Koda
  • Original Creator: Tony Valente
  • Original Publisher: Ankama Éditions (France), Asukashinsha (Japan)
  • Original Run: October 6, 2018 – February 23, 2019
  • Streaming Platforms: Crunchyroll (sub), Funimation (dub), Game One (French dub), ABC Me (English dub) KDramas Hindi(Hindi Dubbed)


Q: Is Radiant based on a manga or a light novel?

A: Radiant is based on a French comic book series (also known as manfra) by Tony Valente. It is not a manga or a light novel.

Q: Is Radiant finished or ongoing?

A: The comic book series of Radiant is still ongoing. As of January 2022, there are 15 volumes published in France and 14 volumes published in Japan. The anime adaptation has two seasons so far, covering up to volume 7 of the comic book series.

Q: Is there a season 3 of Radiant?

A: There is no official confirmation or announcement of a season 3 of Radiant yet. However, there is enough material from the comic book series to make another season or more.

Q: How faithful is the anime adaptation to the comic book series?

A: The anime adaptation follows the main plot and events of the comic book series, but also adds some original scenes and characters that are not present in the source material. Some fans consider these changes as filler or deviations from the original vision of Tony Valente, while others enjoy them as additions to the story and world of Radiant.

Q: What are the differences between the French and Japanese versions of Radiant?

A: The French and Japanese versions of Radiant have some minor differences in terms of translation, spelling, and cultural references. For example, the name of the main character is spelled as Seth in the French version and as Sesshū in the Japanese version. Some jokes and puns are also adapted to fit the respective languages and audiences.


Radiant is a unique and original anime series that blends elements of French and Japanese cultures and styles. It offers a colorful and imaginative world filled with magic, adventure, humor, and emotion. It also explores themes such as discrimination, friendship, justice, and destiny. The characters are diverse and likable, each with their own personality and backstory. The animation is fluid and vibrant, with dynamic action scenes and expressive facial expressions. The music is catchy and fitting, with a rock-inspired opening theme and a pop-inspired ending theme.

Radiant is a series that can appeal to fans of fantasy, adventure, comedy, and shonen genres. It is also a series that can introduce new viewers to the world of French comic books and manfra. Radiant is a series that deserves more recognition and appreciation for its originality and creativity.

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Radiant (Season 1) Urdu Hindi Dubbed – KDramas Hindi

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