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Move To Heaven has received praise for its authentic portrayal of Asperger’s Syndrome, a condition on the autism spectrum. Viewers have commended the outstanding performance of Tang Jung Sang, who plays Gu Ru, a young man with Asperger’s. The drama has resonated with individuals who have personal experience with the condition, as well as parents of autistic children.

Unconventional Family Dynamics

The series revolves around the relationship between Gu Ru and his ex-con uncle, Jo Sang-goo, who becomes his guardian after the death of Gu Ru’s father. Initially portrayed as selfish, Jo Sang-goo gradually reveals a softer side, forming a heartwrenching bond with his nephew. The complex dynamics between the characters highlight the importance of acceptance, love, and effective communication in unconventional families.

Exploring Social Issues

Move To Heaven goes beyond its core narrative to address a wide range of societal issues. It delves into the themes of living and dying alone, domestic violence, and LGBTQ discrimination. By shedding light on these topics, the drama sparks conversations and challenges stigmas, promoting inclusivity and understanding.

Challenging Stigmas and Celebrating Diversity

The series treats its characters with agency and respect, embracing diversity and representing underrepresented communities. Move To Heaven aligns with Netflix’s commitment to producing nuanced and pluralistic content that reflects the realities of diverse individuals and challenges societal norms.

Healing Through Trauma Cleaning

As trauma cleaners, Gu Ru and Jo Sang-goo uncover stories about the deceased and help bring peace to their families. Through their work, they find healing and closure for themselves. The drama beautifully portrays the transformative power of empathy and the importance of acknowledging and honoring the lives of those who have passed away.

Powerful Performances and Emotional Depth

Move To Heaven features exceptional performances by its cast, including Lee Je Hoon, Tang Joon Sang, and Hong Seung Hee. Their portrayal of the characters and their emotional journeys leaves a lasting impact on the audience. The cinematography, with its effective use of symbols and colors, enhances the storytelling and evokes strong emotions, particularly in moments of loss and grief.

The Impact of Memories

The drama explores the lasting impact of memories, emphasizing their importance in our lives. Move To Heaven serves as a reminder of the profound connections we form with others and how memories shape our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. It encourages viewers to cherish and preserve their own memories.

Viewer Reviews and Discussions

Move To Heaven has garnered positive reviews from viewers, who appreciate its genuine portrayal of emotions and its exploration of social issues. The drama has generated discussions and views, reflecting its impact on the audience. It has received user ratings of 71, indicative of its popularity.

The Desire for a Second Season

Many fans of Move To Heaven have expressed their desire for a potential second season. The drama’s compelling storyline and well-developed characters have left viewers invested in their journeys and eager to see further development in future episodes. The anticipation for a continuation of the series speaks to its ability to engage and captivate audiences.


Move To Heaven is a remarkable Korean drama that has touched the hearts of viewers around the world. With its authentic portrayal of Asperger’s Syndrome, exploration of social issues, and powerful storytelling, the series has become a compelling and emotional journey of healing and acceptance. The performances by the talented cast, the depth of the characters, and the thought-provoking themes make Move To Heaven a must-watch for those seeking a heartfelt and impactful drama experience.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where can I watch Move To Heaven? Move To Heaven is available for streaming on Netflix. You can access it by visiting their platform and searching for the series.

2. How many episodes are there in Move To Heaven? Move To Heaven consists of a total of 10 episodes. Each episode takes viewers deeper into the lives of the characters and their experiences as trauma cleaners.

3. Does Move To Heaven address important social issues? Yes, Move To Heaven tackles various social issues such as living and dying alone, domestic violence, and LGBTQ discrimination. The drama brings attention to these topics and promotes dialogue and understanding.

4. Are there plans for a second season of Move To Heaven? While there is no official confirmation of a second season at the time of writing, the desire for a continuation of Move To Heaven has been expressed by fans and viewers.

5. Is Move To Heaven based on a true story? Move To Heaven draws inspiration from the nonfiction essay “Things Left Behind.” While the drama incorporates real-life experiences, it is not a direct adaptation of a specific true story.

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Drama NameMove To Heaven
CountrySouth Korea
LanguageUrdu Hindi Dubbed
ByKDramas Hindi


Move To Heaven (Korean Drama) Urdu Hindi Dubbed
Move To Heaven (Korean Drama) Urdu Hindi Dubbed
Move To Heaven (Korean Drama) Urdu Hindi Dubbed
Move To Heaven (Korean Drama) Urdu Hindi Dubbed
Move To Heaven (Korean Drama) Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Move To Heaven (Korean Drama) Urdu Hindi Dubbed – KDramas Hindi

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