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A 2023 Thai television drama series called Enigma blends horror, thriller, and romance themes. With Kanyarat Ruangrung, Preeyaphat Lawsuwansiri, Sureeyares Yakares, and other actors filling out the supporting cast, the film’s major stars are Metawin Opas-iamkajorn and Chanikarn Tangkabodee. Patha Thongpan, noted for his work on The Gifted and F4 Thailand, is the series director. Parbdee Tawesuk is the show’s producer. Beginning on July 15, 2023, it will begin airing every Saturday at 20:30 (ICT) on GMM25 and Prime Video.


Fa (Chanikarn Tangkabodee), a student in the 12th grade at one of the most prominent schools in the nation, Satrikurat School, is the focus of the narrative. The school is well known for its high academic requirements, which frequently lead to pupils becoming fixated on their grades and test results. This regulation applies to Fa as well.

One day, a talented student loses control under pressure and stabs a teacher, seriously hurting her. Fa believes there may be more going on than what the school is saying, as though her environment is gradually showing hidden flaws. When more odd things happen, they seem to be related to a mysterious new instructor named Arjin (Metawin Opas-iamkajorn).

He appears confused and awkward at first, but Fa finds something intriguing in him. Her growing interest in these secrets draws her into a world that is much more perilous than she could have ever imagined. She’s starting to understand that, with enough faith, the world she’s always thought of as a mere dream may come true.

key actors

As Arjin, Metawin Opas-iamkajorn

Thai actor and model Metawin Opas-iamkajorn, popularly known as Win, became well-known for playing Tine in the popular television series 2gether: The Series and its follow-up, Still 2gether. He has also acted in other productions including The Stranded and F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers. He is presently a student at Thammasat University studying economics.

He portrays Arjin in Enigma, a brand-new instructor at Satrikurat School with a shadowy past and a sinister plan. He comes out as the traditional nerdy instructor with spectacles and untidy hair, yet there is a sense of unease about him that lies under his commonplace façade.

as Fa Chanikarn Tangkabodee

Thai actress and singer Chanikarn Tangkabodee, popularly known as Prim, made her acting and singing debut in 2017 with the television series U-Prince: The Badass Baker. Since then, she has made appearances on additional programs including F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers, Girl Next Room: Richy Rich, and My Dear Loser: Edge of 17. She is a part of the female group TEMPT as well.

She portrays Fa in Enigma, a curious teenager who experiences uncertainty when a sequence of frightening events takes place at her school. She decided to solve the riddles while being torn between curiosity and terror.


Enigma will air on what date?

A: Beginning on July 15, 2023, Enigma will air every Saturday at 20:30 (ICT) on GMM25 and Prime Video.

How many episodes will there be in Enigma?

A: Enigma will consist of four episodes, each running for 45 minutes.

Where can I find Enigma on the internet?

A: Prime Video offers Enigma with several language subtitles online. English subtitles are available on GMMTV’s official YouTube account as well.

Enigma is based on a comic or a book, right?

A: Enigma was not adapted; it was a GMMTV and Parbdee Tawesuk original.

What category does Enigma fall under?

A: The horror-suspense-romance series Enigma examines the concepts of faith, fantasy, and reality.


A 2023 Thai television drama series called Enigma promises to present a suspenseful and compelling tale with a dash of romance. The outstanding group of performers, which includes Chanikarn Tangkabodee and Metawin Opas-iamkajorn, will play roles that are both deep and interesting. Patha Thongpan, who has demonstrated his talent in producing lucrative and well-liked series, is the film’s director. It is created by Parbdee Tawesuk, who is known for creating original and high-quality material. Beginning on July 15, 2023, it will begin airing every Saturday at 20:30 (ICT) on GMM25 and Prime Video.

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Enigma (2023) (Thailand Drama) Urdu Hindi Dubbed – KDramas Hindi

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