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Be My Favorite: A Thai Drama

If you are looking for a romantic comedy with a twist of fantasy and a dash of angst, you might want to check out Be My Favorite, a Thai drama that aired in 2023. Based on a popular novel by JittiRain, the drama tells the story of Botkawee (Krist Perawat), a 30-year-old subtitler who has been in love with his childhood friend Pearmai (Aye Sarunchana) for years. However, his hopes are shattered when he learns that she is engaged to Pisaeng (Fluke Gawain), a handsome and wealthy businessman. Desperate to change his fate, Botkawee buys a musical crystal ball that can transport him back in time to his teenage years, hoping to confess his feelings to Pearmai and win her heart. However, things don’t go as planned, and he ends up in bed with Pisaeng instead, who claims that they had a one-night stand. Thus begins their hilarious cat-and-mouse game, with Pisaeng chasing after Botkawee, who tries to avoid him and pursue Pearmai. But as Botkawee keeps twisting the crystal ball to alter the past, he realizes that maybe he and Pearmai were never meant to be and that Pisaeng might be his true soulmate.


The drama has a unique premise that combines romance, comedy, and fantasy elements. The time-travel aspect adds an interesting twist to the plot as Botkawee tries to change his past and future but ends up creating more complications and paradoxes. The drama also explores the themes of fate, destiny, choice, and regret as Botkawee learns that some things are beyond his control and that he has to face the consequences of his actions. The drama also has some emotional moments, especially when Botkawee realizes that he has hurt Pisaeng’s feelings by rejecting him repeatedly and when he discovers the truth behind Pearmai’s engagement. The drama also has some funny scenes, such as when Botkawee wakes up in different situations after using the crystal ball or when Pisaeng tries to woo him with various methods. The drama also has some sweet and romantic scenes between Botkawee and Pisaeng as they gradually develop feelings for each other and overcome their misunderstandings.

Main Actors

The drama boasts a talented cast of actors who bring their characters to life. Krist Perawat plays Botkawee, a lovable loser who is stuck in his unrequited love for Pearmai. He portrays Botkawee’s frustration, confusion, desperation, and growth with sincerity and charm. He also has great chemistry with Fluke Gawain, who plays Pisaeng, a confident and charismatic man who falls in love with Botkawee at first sight. Fluke Gawin delivers a convincing performance as Pisaeng, who is both playful and passionate but also vulnerable and insecure. He makes Pisaeng a likable character who is not just a rich and handsome cliché but also a caring and loyal partner who supports Botkawee through thick and thin. Aye Sarunchana plays Pearmai, Botkawee’s childhood friend who is engaged to Pisaeng. She portrays Pearmai’s sweetness, innocence, and kindness with grace and elegance. She also shows Pearmai’s dilemma and sadness when she realizes that she might have feelings for Botkawee too.


Where can I watch Be My Favorite?

You can watch Be My Favorite on and with English subtitles.

How many episodes are there in Be My Favorite?

There are 12 episodes in Be My Favorite, each lasting about 47 minutes.

Is Be My Favorite based on a novel?

Yes, Be My Favorite is based on a novel by Jitti Rain called You Are My Favorite (บทกวีของปีแสง).

Is Be My Favorite a BL drama?

Yes, Be My Favorite is a BL (boys’ love) drama that features a gay romance between Botkawee and Pisaeng.

Is Be My Favorite suitable for all ages?

Be My Favorite is rated 13+ for teens 13 or older. It contains some mild language, sexual references, and kissing scenes.


Be My Favorite is a fun and refreshing Thai drama that offers a mix of romance, comedy, and fantasy. It has an engaging storyline that keeps the viewers hooked with its twists and turns. It also has a talented cast of actors who deliver excellent performances and have great chemistry. It is a drama that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon. If you are looking for a drama that will brighten up your day and warm your heart, you should give Be My Favorite a try.

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