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The Legend of the Blue Sea 2016 Season 1 Review

The Legend of the Blue Sea 2016 is a Korean drama produced by Culture Depot and Studio Dragon. It premiered in November 2016 on SBS, and ran for one season, airing a total of 20 episodes. The show ended on January 25th, 2017.

The drama follows a mermaid, captured by a human man, and his love life on land. It features drama, romance, and humor, as well as a gorgeous couple. The drama is rated PG-13, and it is recommended for viewers of all ages. If you love k-dramas, then this is the drama for you. If you’ve never seen it, you’re in for a treat.

The first episode follows Shim Cheong, a mermaid from the Joseon era who travels to modern-day Seoul. She meets her doppelgänger, Heo Joon Jae, a sleazy con artist. Heo Joon Jae is interested in Shim Cheong because she has a $6 million jade bracelet. Shim Cheong, meanwhile, finds him at a restaurant in Seoul, where he meets the couple’s parents. They are brought together by a mysterious force.

Joon-jae is a charming and cold con artist who targets the privileged class. His love for Shim Cheong translates into an obsession with the mysterious mermaid. He also develops a strange ability to read people’s thoughts, which leads him to fall in love with her. In addition, he finds out that Shim Cheong is a reincarnation of a mermaid and has a secret past.

The mermaid and dam ryeong reunite in full adulthood. They fall in love. When Dam-ryeong is forced into an arranged marriage, he feels a connection to the captured mermaid and rescues her from Lord Yang. But Lord Yang is not so benevolent and soon the two become lovers again. In the end, they both suffer tragic fates.

The characters are incredibly diverse. Joon-jae becomes a prosecutor and Jo Nam-doo, a lecturer. Meanwhile, Tae-oh becomes a white hacker and engages Cha Shi-ah. Joon-jae’s stepbrother, Shim Cheong, turns against Joon-jae and ends up killing him with monkshood poison.

Dam-ryeong, a man who has fallen in love with Se Hwa, is determined to destroy his new wife. He decides to send a vase artifact through time, which contains images of Se Hwa. He then escapes to the surface to search for Se-hwa. The pair then reunite in modern incarnations, and a romance ensues. The show’s finale is a major cliffhanger and will leave fans wanting more.

The first two episodes were very good, and the director’s cut included several new scenes and a twist. However, viewers must be wary of the melodrama. The series did not have many reruns during its first season. Despite its success, critics praised the actors. The drama is set in an underwater world and the cast are incredibly talented. The first two episodes were well received by critics and the public.


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