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La Pluie (2023) is a Thai drama that follows the story of two men who have different views on fate and soulmates. The drama is based on the novel “La Pluie” (La Pluie…) by eddy, and it aired on GMM One from April 29, 2023, to July 15, 2023. The drama has received positive reviews from critics and viewers, who praised its tight writing, confident directing, and subversive themes.


La Pluie (2023) is a romance drama with a fantasy twist. The title means “The Rain” in French, and it refers to the main premise of the story: in every rainfall, the sound around one of the protagonists silences, making way for the voice of his soulmate to be heard. However, the other protagonist has never heard his soulmate’s voice, even in the midst of a downpour. Their differing beliefs are like a game of tug-of-war played in the rain, with a rope of fate pulled by a stubborn person trying to win the other’s heart and a denying person trying to escape the truth.

The drama explores the concepts of soulmates and destiny, and how they affect our choices and relationships. It challenges the common tropes of the romance genre, such as love at first sight, instant connection, and happy endings. It shows that love is not something that can be easily given or taken by fate, but rather something that requires effort, communication, and respect. It also portrays the struggles and joys of being in a same-sex relationship in a conservative society.


The drama revolves around two main characters: Phat and Saengtai. Phat is a successful writer who has been waiting for his soulmate’s voice for a long time. He believes that fate will bring him his true love someday, and he does not want to settle for anything less. He is kind, gentle, and romantic, but also naive and idealistic. He has a loyal friend and manager named Lomfon, who supports him in his career and personal life.

Saengtai is a veterinarian who dislikes strangers and talking to people unnecessarily. He also suffers from sensorineural hearing loss when it rains. However, as fate decides, he can only hear one voice when it rains: Phat’s voice. Saengtai does not believe in destiny or soulmates, and he thinks that his condition is a curse rather than a blessing. He is cold, aloof, and rational, but also honest and caring. He has a close friend and colleague named Saengthian, who helps him with his work and encourages him to open up.

The drama follows their journey of finding each other and falling in love, despite their contrasting personalities and opinions. Along the way, they face various obstacles and challenges, such as misunderstandings, jealousy, family issues, social pressure, and self-doubt. They also meet other characters who influence their lives, such as Nara, a student who has a crush on Saengtai; Warun, Saengtai’s father, who disapproves of his son’s sexuality; Sripattiyanon, Phat’s ex-boyfriend who still has feelings for him; and Eddy, the author of the novel that inspired Phat’s writing.

Main Actors

The drama features two rising stars as the lead actors: Pee Peerawich Ploynumpol as Phat and Title Tanatorn Saenangkanikorn as Saengtai. Both actors have delivered impressive performances that captured the emotions and nuances of their characters. They have also shown great chemistry and compatibility on screen.

Pee Peerawich Ploynumpol is a 25-year-old actor who debuted in 2019 with the drama “Theory of Love”. He has since appeared in several other dramas, such as “My Engineer”, “Oxygen”, and “Lovely Writer”. He is known for his handsome appearance, sweet smile, and versatile acting skills.

Title Tanatorn Saenangkanikorn is a 23-year-old actor who debuted in 2018 with the drama “Love by Chance”. He has also starred in other dramas, such as “Until We Meet Again”, “Why R U?”, and “A Tale of a Thousand Stars”. He is known for his charming personality, expressive eyes, and natural acting talent.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the drama:

Q: Where can I watch La Pluie (2023)?

You can watch La Pluie (2023) on iQIYI, a streaming platform that offers subtitles in various languages. You can also find some clips and highlights on YouTube.

Q: Is La Pluie (2023) a BL drama?

A: BL stands for boys’ Love, a genre that depicts romantic and sexual relationships between men. La Pluie (2023) is a BL drama, as it focuses on the love story between Phat and Saengtai. However, the drama is not limited to the BL genre, as it also explores other themes and aspects of life.

Q: Is La Pluie (2023) based on a true story?

No, La Pluie (2023) is not based on a true story. It is adapted from a novel by Eddie, who created the fictional characters and plot. However, the drama may reflect some real-life experiences and issues that LGBT people face in Thailand and other countries.

Q: How many episodes are there in La Pluie (2023)?

A: There are 12 episodes in La Pluie (2023), each lasting about 55 minutes. The drama aired every Saturday from April 29, 2023, to July 15, 2023.

Q: What is the rating of La Pluie (2023)?

La Pluie (2023) has a rating of 18+ Restricted (violence and profanity). The drama contains some scenes and dialogue that may be unsuitable for younger or more sensitive viewers, such as kissing, intimacy, violence, swearing, and discrimination. Viewer discretion is advised.


La Pluie (2023) is a Thai drama that offers a fresh and realistic perspective on love and fate. It tells the story of two men who have different views on soulmates and how they overcome their differences and challenges to be together. The drama features excellent writing, directing, and acting, as well as a captivating soundtrack and cinematography. It is a drama that will make you laugh, cry, and think about your own beliefs and choices in life. If you are looking for a drama that will touch your heart and mind, you should definitely check out La Pluie (2023).

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La Pluie (2023) Thailand Drama English Subtitles – KDramas Hindi

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