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King’s Love (The King in Love) in Urdu Hindi (Korean Drama) Complete – KDramas Hindi

Kings Love (Hindi Dubbed) – Storyline:

Set within the Goryeo dynasty, it tells the story of a young and impressive monarch Won (I’m Si-wan) with a desire to overcome, and two people that shape his destiny; childhood friend Wang Rin (Hong Jong-hyun) and a gorgeous girl named San (Im Yoon-ah). These three get to understand one another and become the closest of friends but feelings of affection and love arise between these three.

The young prince falls crazy with the girl San and would do anything to save her. He involves loves her quite himself. But on the other hand, is his childhood friend Wang Rin who also fell crazy with San initially sight. albeit he loves her such a lot, he still hid his affection for her due to his duty to his prince and since he doesn’t want to harm his best friend’s feelings. But the time came when San realizes her feelings for Rin and the other way around.

Watch the full episode of The King in Love 2017 | Korean Drama (Now In Hindi):

The King Is in Love is a South Korean historical drama directed by Kim Sang-hyssop | Native Title: 왕은 사랑한다,

Also Known As Wangeun Saranghanda, The King is in Love, King Loves, The King Loves.

Tags: Pre-produced, Adapted From A Novel, Goryeo Dynasty, Love Triangle, Historical, Romance, Drama, Melodrama.

The King in Love (Hindi Dubbed) Korean Drama Series Review: 

this is an honest drama for sageuk fans who need a different quiet story. it’s more bittersweet than entirely tragic, and there are comedic moments too to feature some balance. I feel it is from perfect and gets messy within the middle, but it all ties together for a touching ending that made me boohoo cry, and smile through my tears. I never heard of the novel before watching it, so I’m curious what fans of the book thought. it isn’t the simplest or worst sageuk around, but if you’re within the mood for something a touch less typical, this might be the quiet drama you’re trying to find.

King’s Love (The King in Love) in Urdu Hindi (Korean Drama) – KDramas Hindi

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