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Black Knight (Korean Drama) Urdu Hindi Dubbed Complete All Episodes – KDramas Hindi


Black Knight is a new South Korean science fiction dystopian action drama television series that premiered on Netflix on May 12, 2023. The series is based on the webtoon of the same name by Lee Yun-kyun.

What is Black Knight about?

The series is set in the year 2071 when extreme air pollution has turned the majority of the Korean peninsula into a wasteland and wiped out all but 1% of its original population. The survivors are required to wear respirators and rely on the “Knights”, specialized delivery drivers, to provide them with the supplies (especially fresh oxygen) they need to stay alive. One day, a legendary knight called ‘5-8’ meets a boy named Sa-Wol, who wishes to become a Knight just like him, and decides to train him so that he can accomplish his dream in the dark and dangerous world that they live in.

What can viewers expect from the drama?

Black Knight is a visually stunning and action-packed drama that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The series features a talented cast, including Kim Woo-bin, Song Seung-Heon, Kang Yoo-seok, and Esom. The story is both exciting and thought-provoking, and it will leave viewers with a lot to think about.

The cast of Black Knight

  • Kim Woo-bin is 5-8
  • Song Seung-Heon as Tae-sul
  • Kang Yoo-seok as Sa-wol
  • Esom as Seo-Yeon

Why you should watch Black Knight

If you’re a fan of science fiction, dystopian, action, or drama, then you should watch Black Knight. The series is well-made, well-acted, and thought-provoking. It’s a must-watch for fans of the genre.


Black Knight is a new and exciting South Korean science fiction dystopian action drama television series that is sure to please fans of the genre. The series is visually stunning, action-packed, and thought-provoking. It features a talented cast and a compelling story. If you’re looking for a new drama to watch, then Black Knight is worth checking out.

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Drama NameBlack Knight
CountrySouth Korea
LanguageUrdu Hindi Dubbed
ByKDramas Hindi

Black Knight (Korean Drama) Urdu Hindi Dubbed – KDramas Hindi

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