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Alice Korean Drama Urdu Hindi Dubbed 

If you love time travel, you will love Alice, a new drama starring Yoo Min-hyuk. He gave up everything to save the girl he loves, but now that he has the chance to do it again, he is more eager than ever. His biggest challenge, however, is facing the police when one of his clients breaks the time travel rule. The two characters are unlikely to get along, but Kim Do-yeon, a reporter for Sekyung Ilbo, becomes his friend as the pair investigate a mysterious case that involves strange drones.

Time travel

The latest installment of the Korean drama series, “Alice,” continues the theme of time travel. The drama’s final confrontation with Jin-Gyeom will have repercussions for time. If the latter is removed from the world, this could spell the end of time for Jin-Gyeom. However, that’s far from the end of the story.

A detective, Park Jin-gyeom, discovers a secret that has been keeping her from being emotionally expressive. The investigation into her missing husband brings her to the present day. A young detective, Yoon Tae-yi, encounters Park Jin-gyeom after a mysterious case. The two men begin to work together to solve this case, and soon find out that they are not alone.

Jin-Gyeom arrives at the scene of an assassination and learns that the assassin is a man named Hae-Min. After discovering the assassin, Jin-Gyeom tries to calm Tae-Yi down by acting out emoji. He is then called upon to help Tae-Yi, but he is shot by the professor. Jin-Gyeom calls him his father and asks for help.

Min-Hyuk, the assassin, is a former student of Tae-Yi’s father. He is the one who killed him, and he also murdered her father. The two men are reunited, but this time they have been separated by time. They have never met before, but they share a common past. Eventually, Tae-Yi realizes that her father was murdered because of her time travel.

High school student with Pinocchio syndrome

In this Korean drama, a high school student with Pinocchio syndrome is forced to become a detective when she is accused of stealing a baby. The film is an acclaimed remake of the popular Japanese series Rich Man Poor Woman. The film follows a male and female lead who are both brilliant tech programmers who work for a technology company. Unfortunately, the male lead cannot recognize faces and the female lead has an ultra-memory. Their friendship grew into a complicated love triangle.

Detective team investigating accident

The detective team investigating an accident begins their investigation with the help of an intrepid time-travel agent, Alice. This time-travel agency sends its clients back to the past to reunite with loved ones who have passed away, and it polices time incursions to ensure that people can’t cross over into the past or end up in the future. The team also searches for a book known as the Book of Prophecy in 1992 Seoul, which will predict the fates of people and the end of time travel. The Book of Prophecy has a secret history, and an agent of the agency named Lee Se-hoon kills Tae-Yi’s father for it. The mystery surrounding this book leads the detective team to question their own past, and the fate of their client, Seo-Jin.

A mysterious accident leads the detective team to investigate the accident in question. Alice’s time travel abilities have made her an attractive target for time-travelers. However, she has difficulty recognizing human emotions. As the detective team investigates the accident, they come to learn that time travel can cause negative outcomes. In the meantime, Park Jin-gyeom learns about the mysterious case involving strange drones.

Agent of Alice

If you want to know how to watch Agent of Alice in Urdu, you have come to the right place. This Korean Drama is the first of its kind to feature a science theme, as it presents Schrodinger’s cat experiment. This is a Korean text drama that has made history by changing the way text is presented in drama. This drama stars Kim Hee-sun as Yoon Tae-yi / Park Sun-young, and Joo Won as Park Jin-gyeom. The drama will air from August 28 to October 24, 2020, and it has received a 7.1 rating on IMDb.

This show has a great cast and intriguing premises, but it fails to deliver emotional deliverance and lacks the emotional heft to keep the viewers interested throughout. Although the cast and story are solid, the drama lacked characterisation and overall emotional tension. The plot lacked a consistent arc. While this was an improvement over many Korean dramas, there are still plenty of problems to be solved.

Yoon Tae-Yi

“Alice” is a Korean time travel series, wherein the heroine Yoon Tae-Yi, played by the actress Kim Shin-Hyun, changes her name to Park Sun-Young, gives birth to her son, and experiences the end of time. While traveling through time, she meets an agent of a mysterious teacher, Lee Se-hoon, who murders her father.

The first time she meets Jin-Gyeom, she does not recognize him, but he finds him sketching a picture of her. Jin-Gyeom tries to catch the killer and discovers that Tae-Yi looks just like his mother. Jin-Gyeom becomes convinced that the two are connected, and he begins to search for her killer.

The second episode was much better, and the drama has a surprisingly good cast. Yoon Tae-Yi, a former police officer, plays a murderer with a complicated past. He is a talented young man, and is also a narrator. His charisma carries the show, and he also looks attractive in a red wig.

Park Jin-Gyeom is a detective who has a mysterious past. His mother died in a mysterious manner, and he finds herself living with his son. He tries to prevent bad things from happening in Alice, but he is unable to do it. The detective eventually finds that Yoon Tae-Yi is the key to time travel.


  • Drama: Alice
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 16
  • Original Network: SBS
  • Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.
  • Content Rating: 15+ – Teens 15 or older

Alice (Korean Drama) Urdu Hindi Dubbed – KDramas Hindi

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